This car is a 1911 E.M.F., Touring motorcar that spent much of it’s life in South Africa. When the last owner died the car was repatriated to Canada, which is where we found it.


The origin of this automobile is not known to us, but from the few numbers on it, this car may have been made in Walkerville, Ontario which would make it a very rare Canadian E.M.F. indeed.

The E.M.F. motorcar, known as the E.M.F. “30” like the one pictured here was named after the company’s founders: Everitt, Metzger and Flanders. Over the years the E.M.F. “30” earned some rather derogatory nicknames, such as “Every Mechanical Fault”, “Every Morning Fix-it”, and “Every Mechanic’s Friend”, just to name a few. Despite these defamatory names, however, our E.M.F. “30” runs great. Just as Walter Flanders often said, “a better automobile can be built and sold for $1250 than is possible at twice that price.”1911emf

In 1911, Ford lowered the price of their touring car to $780 dollars, the E.M.F. price was lowered as well, to $1100 dollars. E.M.F. components were used to build other cars at the turn of the century, such as the Brockville Atlas.

Henry Ford outproduced and undercut E.M.F. (ironically, Flanders was largely responsible for Ford’s production line) and the E.M.F. company was eventually absorbed by Studebaker, and soon forgotten.