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At the Frontenac Motor Company, we restore and collect antique Ford Model T and other early 20th Century cars. Henry Ford called his Model T The Universal Car. He firmly believed that there was no need for further development in motorcars as he had perfected the modern automobile. Henry Ford may have been overstating the facts here, but his Model T and the Ford Motor Company did change the world. Before the end of the second decade of the twentieth century, more than one half of all the cars in the entire world were Model T Fords. At no other point in history has a single car company, let alone a single model held so much market share. Henry Ford put the world on wheels. This site is dedicated to the profound artistry of the Ford Model T automobile and other brass-era motorcars.

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The Frontenac Motor Company is a private collection of early Ford Model T and other brass-era automobiles. We have been collecting and restoring early brass era cars since 1997 and traditionally, our interest has primarily been focused on pre-1914 motorcars.


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The following information was gathered from the “1911 Model T Ford Owner’s Manual,”  and other sources.

Ford Model T Torpedo Roadster
Ford Model T Town Car
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A Brief History of the Brockville Briscoe

In October of 1915, with the help of Tom Storey (one of the directors of the Brockville Atlas Automobile Company), Benjamin Briscoe expanded Briscoe Motors of Jackson Michigan into Canada to form the Canadian Briscoe Motor Company of Brockville with Tom Storey as vice-president and plant manager. Bodies were produced by the Carriage Company on Park Street in Brockville, and the former Atlas plant was now producing Briscoes for the 1916 model year using parts shipped from Michigan. By May of 1916 the Briscoe plant was turning out about five cars per day, a far cry from Henry Ford’s Canadian production numbers of more than 50,000 cars during the same year. The 1916 Briscoe model 4-38 four cylinder car had 33 horsepower and a wheelbase of 114 inches. The wheelbase would be decreased for 1917’s B 4-24 model to 105 inches and 24 horsepower.

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